Hollyoaks star Kéllé Bryan teases life-changing decision for Martine

Hollyoaks is piling up the drama for Martine Westwood at the moment. Not only is she dealing with the loss of her daughter Celeste, but Toby wakes up from his coma. Martine, reeling from learning that Toby is responsible for killing Lisa Loveday, has a decision to make: does she do the right thing and turn him into the police, or does she choose to put family first?

Teasing the life-changing decision that Martine will be making, actress Kéllé Bryan told Inside Soap that: “As a team, we went back and forth about this quite a lot, and we did research on families that have been through this.

“Martine makes a decision out of love that she thinks will protect Toby – and it’s something that she never thought that she would do…”

But what could that decision be? Well, Kéllé isn’t going to give it away, but she did give an insight into Martine’s state of mind, stating: “She’s carrying this everlasting guilt, because she knows that she gave away Toby and Celeste when they were young.

“Toby was locked up for a lot of his childhood, so she doesn’t want him to go to jail. She knows he wouldn’t cope with that… Toby’s still fragile, so Martine doesn’t want to cause him too much stress (when confronting him over Lisa). But at the same time, she wants to get to the bottom of why he did this.

“It’s a crazy thing for her to get her head around, and she just wants answers.”

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