Hollyoaks star Jessica Fox teases Nancy’s dramatic labour scenes

Hollyoaks spoilers ahead.

Nancy Osborne actress Jessica Fox has detailed her character’s dramatic birth scene next week.

After breaking up a scrap between school pupils DeMarcus Westwood and Charlie Dean, the Deputy Head Mistress calls in the former’s dad Felix to go over the situation, but things soon take a wild turn.

The pair become locked in a classroom together and Nancy’s waters break.

“Having waved Darren [Osborne] off to Mallorca, she goes to work. Charlie and DeMarcus are caught fighting and Nancy puts them in detention after school,” Fox previewed while chatting to Inside Soap.

“She calls Felix in to discuss DeMarcus misbehaving, and that’s when her waters break – but Charlie has locked the pair in the classroom, leaving Felix to deal with Nancy being in labour!”

Revealing how Richard Blackwood’s character handles the chaos, she went on to tease: “Nancy is terrified and asks Felix lots of questions to keep her mind off the contractions, so he tells her his life story!

“Getting that up close and personal with anyone will create a bond, so it brings Nancy and Felix closer.”

Thankfully, Nancy welcomes “a healthy baby girl” in the end, but the actress did go on to admit that filming this sequence was “sweaty and intense”.

Despite the obvious joy it brings, the little one’s arrival could be overshadowed by Luke Morgan’s tragic death, though.

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