Hollyoaks star Emma Lau rules out future storyline for Serena

“Sid is Lizzie’s, and I hope that’s clear now.”

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Although Hollyoaks fans have speculated over whether Serena and Sid’s relationship could be revisited in the future, Emma Lau, who plays Serena, has now ruled this out.

When Serena Chen-Williams was first introduced to Hollyoaks, she was a love interest for Sid. However, Sid ended up dating Serena’s sister Lizzie instead and the pair are still together.

When Inside Soap asked Emma if there was a chance of their romance rekindling, she said: “No, definitely not! Imran is so much better for Serena – at the moment, anyway. It;s got to the point where Sid is Lizzie’s, and I hope that’s clear now. There has to be some sisterly loyalty.”


Although Emma has also previously spoken to Insertions.us about the ongoing chemistry, explaining “Serena still really likes Sid”, she has now made it clear that there is no chance of this attraction coming to fruition (or at least not imminently, this is soap land after all).

In regards to Serena’s relationship with Imran, Emma told Inside Soap: “I think they’re sweet together – Imran’s adorable. However, Serena’s an elite athlete who deals with macro diets and training, which can be a negative influence on Imran. But in saying that, I love working with Ijaz [Rana, who plays him] – he’s so lovely and very funny!”

Emma also addressed her character’s recent injury and hospitalisation, explaining that it happens while Serena’s out celebrating with Maxine and Lizzie.


“Serena’s badly injured already, but then doctor Ali operates on her, and it goes quite wrong,” she explains. “She sustains ligament and tendon damage that means her career is over. It’s devastating. Serena has a bit of an existential crisis because she doesn’t know who she is without sport.”

She teased that her alter ego Galaxy may “emerge a bit more” and when asked about what it was like to play two sides of the same character, she said: “It’s really fun! It’s great to play them both – Serena is very sensible, and her style is very preppy. Then you have Galaxy and there are some wild looks, I’ve had to spend hours in hair and makeup.”

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