Hollyoaks spoilers: Sid Sumner is given a scary ultimatum

Sid Sumner in Hollyoaks

Airs Monday 14 March 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Sid Sumner (Billy Price) is in trouble when his very dodgy past catches up with him in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

Sid bumps into Clara, a customer from his shady drug-dealing past.

When his girlfriend Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) sees Sid with Clara, shifty Sid is quickly forced to hide his past and his previous connection to Clara.

However, he’s put in a very tricky situation when Clara gives him a difficult ultimatum.

Will Clara keep quiet about Sid’s past dealings when she finds herself cornered? Or will she have no hesitation in blurting out the truth about Sid’s chequered history?

Later on, disaster strikes when Lizzie’s sister, Serena Chen-Williams (Emma Lau) drinks from Clara’s water bottle.

What’s inside the bottle?

Meanwhile, over at The Dog, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) is delighted when he finds out there is an opening for a new member of council.

Is Zara Morgan going to go up against Tony Hutchinson?

However it looks like he’s going to have competition if he fancies himself in the role.

Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron) suggests to her nephew, Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clarke) that he should go for it.

However, Ollie tells Zara that she would be the better fit for the post.

Is Zara going to rise to the challenge and go for it? And if so it looks like Tony could have some stiff competition?

Cindy Cunningham is horrified when her wedding dress ends up in a river!

Elsewhere, there’s a mix-up when Brooke Hathaway (Tylan Grant) takes donations for the Sweater Thunberg charity initiative.

Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is horrified when she finds her wedding dress is up for grabs.

A furious Cindy tries to get the dress back from Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey).

However, when Cindy’s fiancé, Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) passes by and sees a commotion going on, he misreads the situation and throws the wedding dress in the river!

What on earth is Cindy going to do now?