Hollyoaks spoilers: Sally St Claire dead as Wendy Blissett kills her in murderous rampage?

Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) finds herself in danger in Hollyoaks next week, after she overhears a private conversation between Wendy and Silas Blissett (Jennifer Armour and Jeff Rawle).

Wendy, as viewers know, is in cahoots with her murderous dad, on a mission to turn Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) against his mum Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe).

Their plan has been incredibly successful thus far, with Wendy having not only successfully manipulated Bobby against his family, but also in securing temporary custody of the child.

Bobby disowned Mercedes last month, ordering her to stay away from him, as Wendy smiled gleefully, having succeeded in her mission.

But her wicked plan isn’t over just yet, as she returns to the village next week, ready to scheme some more.

John Paul (James Sutton), meanwhile, isn’t in the best of places right now, given his battle with alcoholism, and with Sally resolving to keep him away from Matthew-Jesus, he turns to the booze once more.

Sally attempts to help her son back home, but he lashes out at her, resulting in a painful consequence, as JP is rushed to hospital.

Wendy gets wind of John Paul’s accident, and attempts to use it to her advantage, as she makes a phone call to dear old dad Silas.

Sally, however, overhears!

Knowing full well that Sally could expose her given what she’s heard, Wendy scrambles to protect her plans.

The question is: just how far will she go? Is Sally in deadly danger? Will Wendy, like her father, claim a life in order to protect her secret?

One to watch Thursday June 16 at 7pm on E4.