Hollyoaks spoilers: REVENGE! Saul Reeves is out for blood!

Saul Reeves is armed and out for revenge

Airs Friday 11 Feb 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Police officer Saul Reeves (Chris Charles) will stop at nothing to get justice in tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm

Saul no longer has any interest in playing by the books and his mission for justice, for the murder of Lisa Loveday (Rachel Adedji) is no longer above board.

Frustrated that killer Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) is still walking free, a raging Saul steals a gun belonging to Grace Black (Tamara Wall) and sets out for blood!

Can Grace talk Saul down before he does something he’ll regret for the rest of his life?

Love Boat owner Damon Kinsella is going head to head with Tony

Elsewhere, the rivalry between bar owner Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) and pub manager Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) continues when Tony sneakily orders a shed-load of lemons to Damon’s bar, The Love Boat.

However it seems Tony’s plan may be about to backfire in his face!

When life gives you lemons, Damon sets about opening up a temporary stall at the Grand Bazaar and tricks Tony into buying them all back!

Uh oh. Bar wars rages on.

Tony Hutchinson played a sneaky prank on rival bar owner Damon, but it could be Damon having the last laugh

Meanwhile, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) is in panic mode after finding out that his sister, Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) is going out on a date with secret murderer, Ethan Williams (Matthew James-Bailey).

A scared Ste attempts to sabotage Leela’s plans by lying to her and telling her that Ethan already has a girlfriend.

But how will ruthless and violent Ethan react when he learns about Ste’s meddling?

Murderer Ethan (above) has got a date planned with Leela

Later on Ste overhears a detective looking for ‘missing person’ Maya.

It looks like the investigation has only just begun but Ste, who buried Maya in the woods with the help of Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) knows that ‘missing’ Maya is very much dead.

Will he be able to keep quiet?

Ste Hay is terrified about his part in Maya’s murder cover-up

Plus, Hollyoaks High teacher Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett) is fed up with always being outshone by her teacher boss Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox).

Olivia comes up with a sneaky plan.

Later on, head-teacher, Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) confronts Nancy after finding an anonymous note accusing Nancy of meddling in the sex education programme and deliberately setting the students up to fail.

A seething Nancy knows immediately who is behind the note.

Will she confront Olivia?