Hollyoaks spoilers: PANIC! Ethan Williams is in jeopardy!

Ethan Williams could be in danger.

Airs Wednesday 6 April 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Dodgy Ethan Williams (Matthew James- Bailey) is sent into a spin in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

The drama unfolds when his policeman nephew, Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) makes a shocking discovery at Dee Valley Hospital.

Sam decides to launch his own investigation and soon he is doing the rounds to Hollyoaks’ local businesses.

Policeman Sam Chen-Williams (right) with his Uncle Ethan.

Sam soon bumps into Ethan at The Loft and stuns his uncle with a revelation that could leave Ethan’s drug business in serious jeopardy.

Ethan is sent into a panic and quickly gets in touch with his accomplice, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) telling her to wash their dirty money asap.

Later on, and with his bran whirring, Ethan comes up with a business plan involving Sienna’s sister, Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart).

What cunning scheme has Ethan got in mind?

James Nightingale floors his family with a new announcement.

Meanwhile over at the Nightingale’s, Donna-Marie Quinn (Lucy-Jo Hudson) is still convinced that James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) can change.

James has spiralled completely out of control since the death of his mother, Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony) and has been in self-destruct mode.

Tonight Donna-Marie extends an olive branch to James.

He pulls himself together and arranges a family meeting at The Dog. However things are bittersweet as James has some shocking announcements to make.

What has he stunned his family with now?

Lizzie Chen-Williams (above) is determined to carry on seeing boyfriend Sid Sumner.

Elsewhere, couple Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) and Sid Sumner (Billly Price) have had to keep their ongoing relationship under wraps.

Lizzie’s protective dad, Dave (Dominic Power) warned Lizzie to break things off with Sid and stay away with him after discovering that Sid had a very dodgy drug-dealing past.

Tonight, Sid starts to get cold feet about all the sneaking around they’re being forced to do to hide things from Dave.

But Lizzie is not one to be deterred.

She tells Sid she’s come up with a better idea on how they can be together. However, will Lizzie’s plan be more trouble than it’s worth?

Has Leela Lomax (left) just made things a lot worse for Sid Sumner (right)?

Later on, Leela Lomax (Kirstie-Leigh Porter) is forced to jump to Sid’s defence against Dave’s harsh judgement.

However, a slip of the tongue soon reveals a dark moment in Sid’s past that he has kept completely hidden from Lizzie.

Oh dear. What shady secrets have come to light and has Leela just made things a whole lot worse for Lizzie and Sid?