Hollyoaks spoilers march 11: Ste Hay gets the shock of his life!

Ste Hay gets the shock of his life in Hollyoaks

Airs Friday 11 March 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) is reeling when he gets the shock of his life in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

After a very rough night, Ste struggles to hide his shift in mood.

As the guilt overwhelms him, he makes a surprising admission to Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart).

However he’s floored when he soon gets a HUGE shock that leaves him in bits.

Later, things take an even bigger turn for the worse for Ste, when his nemesis, Ethan Williams (Matthew James-Bailey) reveals some life-threatening photos.

Serena (left) tries to mend her relationship with Lizzie (right) and the complicated situation with Sid

Elsewhere, Serena Chen-Williams (Emma Chau) takes things into her own hands to try and mend her fractured relationship with her sibling, Lizzie (Lily Best).

Later on, Sid Sumner (Billy Price) finds out that he and Serena have a mutual ‘friend’.

Who is the mystery mate?

The Maaliks step in to try and help Shaq.

Meanwhile, the Maaliks feel forced into a corner by Shaq Qureshi’s (Omar Malik) recent behaviour.

They feel they have no other option but to resort to an intervention for Shaq.

Can a defiant and wayward Shaq be talked out of his decision?

Cindy is increasingly worried about Luke (above) and their wedding plans.

Plus, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is feeling increasingly bleak as her wedding plans to Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) start to unravel.

Luke has a rare form of dementia, Pick’s Disease, and his health has recently taken a sharp decline.

Tonight Cindy is rocked when she finds out no-one will officiate her ceremony with Luke.

What’s going to happen and will the wedding be able to go ahead at this rate?