Hollyoaks spoilers: Luke dies in horror cliff fall as Gary Lucy exits after 23 years

It’s the end of an era for Hollyoaks as tonight aired the final scenes of ailing Luke Morgan, with Gary Lucy leaving the show after an impressive 23 years.

Luke has been left dead after he fell from a cliff, his dementia making him unaware of the boundaries of danger.

Standing on the edge and pondering his future with Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring), a smiling Luke thought about how everything was meant to be and this could be the start of a new journey.

But the wedding ring slipped from his grasp and as he stumbled to try and catch it, he disappeared over the edge, with a distraught Cindy calling out for him.

Luke stood no chance and Cindy was traumatised as she saw his lifeless body floating in the sea.

It’s a tragic end to what started off as an uplifting stag and hen do in Mallorca, ahead of Luke and Cindy’s wedding.

With the party atmosphere in full swing, not even the stags being held up at (fake) gunpoint could ruin the mood.

Luke and Cindy spent some quality time together, discussing their love for one another and deciding on the spur of the moment to just not go back to Hollyoaks.

Luke wistfully told Cindy how this is the most happy and relaxed he has felt since leaving the village, he suggested that they just start a new life for themselves anywhere.

Cindy agreed and the pair shared a tender kiss.

Luke also had some moving parting words for son Ollie, telling him how proud he is of his on.

Later, as Cindy and Luke danced with one another, Darren delivered a speech, toasting the happiness ahead.

But the wedding is not to be.

With Luke now gone, Cindy is going to have to pick up the shattered pieces of her life, the end they were dreading brought forward in a cruel way.

‘Luke wanted one big trip, because he’s not sure how long he’s got left when he’s in the present,’ Gary told Insertions.us, describing his alter-ego’s thoughts on the holiday.

On the episode just aired itself, he continued: ‘There’s lots that happens! A lot of it is happy, a lot of it is a celebration of Luke! It’s just lovely, and what a gift – what a way to go out! With all my mates, in the sunshine.

‘The director, Sean Glynn, is a wonderful director, I worked with him in when I was sixteen on Dream Team. What a way to finish it out, I mean there were cameramen on there that I worked with years ago!

‘It was just mental, such a lovely way to finish. The production manager was a first assistant director when I first started when I was seventeen! So it was really lovely on a personal level.’

‘On the show side of it, it’s really positive, everyone is having fun, and then tragedy strikes at the end,’ he sighed.

‘No better way to do it, really, as Luke has planned this, with the help of his friends, this wonderful meal, and Luke with the wedding ring, and then it all ends in tragedy!

‘Everyone is left crying into a pillow, and heartbroken! And that will mean we’ve done a good job.

‘Or they’ll be throwing things at the TV! Just a reaction!’

Maybe both!