Hollyoaks spoilers: John Paul McQueen finds his terrible secret exposed?

Is the truth about John Paul McQueen about to come out?

Airs Thursday 21 April 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) is in HUGE trouble in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

Alcoholic John Paul, who is the deputy head of Hollyoaks High was recently responsible for causing a terrible crash.

John Paul was driving the school minibus and had been drinking when he lost control of the vehicle and it spun off the road and onto its side with pupils on board.

Pupil Freya (Ellie Henry) took the brunt of the terrible smash and has been left with life-changing injuries.

John Paul McQueen was responsible for the minibus crash.

So far John Paul has managed to hide the fact that he’d been drinking and no one apart from Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson Dwyer) knows his terrible secret.

However, in yesterday’s episode, police officer, Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) recovered pupil Charlie Dean’s (Charlie Behan) belongings from the crash, including Charlie’s mobile phone.

Tonight, Prince and John Paul discover that Charlie’s phone has footage of the crash that will incriminate John Paul.

Can John Paul get to the phone and erase the footage before anyone else sees it?

Or is someone about to make the terrible discovery and find out that the crash was all John Paul’s fault?

Sally turns to lawyer James Nightingale for help.

Meanwhile, Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) tries to keep the peace at home and resorts to asking lawyer, James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) for help with Mercedes’ situation.

Mercedes has been left in despair after being unable to get her son Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) to come back home.

His aunt, Wendy Blissett (Jennifer Armour) who has been in cahoots with her father, serial killer Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle), has got her claws into Bobby and has sinister plans in store.

Later on, it’s revealed just how deep Wendy’s manipulation goes!

Who will Bobby choose to live with? His mother or his aunty?

James manages to arrange a mediation between Mercedes and Wendy.

However, what will the outcome be when the two women decide to let Bobby himself choose who will have custody of him?

Yazz is given food for thought.

Elsewhere, Yazz Maalik (Haiesha Mistry) has a decision to make, but will headstrong Yazz weigh up all the information first, or plunge straight in and do something she will later come to regret?