Hollyoaks spoilers: James exits for a life of crime

Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner) has been left upset and confused after dad James (Gregory Finnegan) suddenly upped and left Hollyoaks, seemingly disowning the family.

But while James has been known to be heartless, he is actually protecting his loved ones.

Not that Romeo can realise this as he tearfully tries to track down his father.

James had been tasked by the sinister Undertaker to do a job for her which involved paying off a former associate.

With Romeo having found out what James was involved in, Romeo took the hit and soon realised the money was fake.

Romeo took a few gut punches and James reported job done to The Undertaker, having a go at her for setting him up.

She soon realised that he had sent his son in his place and she was impressed by how ruthless he is.

Paying off his mammoth debt, she told James that there was no way he was finished – she wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to have someone so heartless working for her.

There’s a compliment in there somewhere. Maybe. Nah.

As his family had recently been threatened, James had no choice but to follow orders and he packed his bags.

He left a goodbye letter to the family but in order to stop them trying to contact him and putting themselves in danger, he made it a cruel goodbye.

Making out that he was washing his hands of them, he was upset as he headed for his new life.

His bags dumped in the tip along with his phone – and his picture of his family smashed up – James left the village for a dangerous life.

Romeo desperately tried to contact him, but with the phone ringing out, it was becoming clear that James may have left for good.

Is this the last that the village will see of him?