Hollyoaks spoilers: Harvey Virdi reveals ‘exciting’ scenes for Misbah Maalik: ‘She’s going from strength to strength’

Hollyoaks star Harvey Virdi has revealed that Misbah Maalik will go from ‘strength to strength’, despite rapist Ali Shahzad (Raji James) having been acquitted in court.

The doctor, as viewers know, bravely opened up last year, revealing that Ali had raped her, and subsequent scenes saw her report him to the police for the crime.

Ali, however, managed to evade legal justice, after the case against him fell apart in court, resulting in him being acquitted.

The development left Misbah in shock, but it was Ali’s reinstatement at Dee Valley hospital that left her truly upset.

Misbah refuses to let Ali bully her and thus she stands up to him (Picture: Lime Pictures)

But despite having got away with his crimes, Ali will receive a comeuppance of sorts in upcoming scenes, as his refusal to accept that he’s no longer in control will ultimately prove to be his downfall.

Misbah, meanwhile, will focus on herself and her family, with actress Harvey promising some ‘exciting’ scenes for the Maaliks!

‘Hopefully there will be lots more drama!,’ the actress told Insertions.us. ‘There is some exciting stuff coming up.

‘Misbah is going from strength to strength in terms of being stronger as a woman. Her children are grown ups now, so she’s trying to make sure they’re all fine, and hopefully finding where she fits into all of that.

At the moment she’s very involved in Shaq’s love life [laughs], she’s trying to make sure he’s okay, and setting him off on the right path.

‘She’s starting to build other relationships, and getting to know Zain. But I can’t give too much away!’.

Consider us hooked already.

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