Hollyoaks spoilers: Foster dream! Will it be good news for Scott Drinkwell?

Scott Drinkwell in Hollyoaks

Airs Thursday 28 April 2022 on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.

Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) is on tenterhooks in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm

Scott has set his heart on becoming a foster parent.

Tonight he is a bundle of nerves as he waits for his final panel interview with the foster care agency.

Will it be good news for Scott?

Sienna (above) and Ste have been playing employing very risky tactics

Elsewhere, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna Blake are about to make a very risky move.

However, their plans are thwarted when someone else beats them to it.

Meanwhile, Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) is still on the hunt for a venue for a new youth club that he has decided to set up.

Felix Westwood (above) and his wife Martine fall out over their son Toby

Things soon grow tense between him and his wife Martine (Kelle Bryan) when they get a letter of apology from their son Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon).

Toby is currently in prison for the murder of Lisa Loveday (Rachel Adedeji).

Martine wants to visit Toby but Felix is completely against the idea and is adamant they should have nothing to do with Toby.

As the two of them get more heated, it’s clear that Martine and Felix are not on the same page at all.

Is a big rift going to open up between them?

Martine (above) and her husband Felix fall out over their son Toby.

Meanwhile, fuelled by her ambitions, teacher Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett) continues to work her way into headteacher Sally St Claire’s (Annie Wallace) good books.

Olivia will stop at nothing to get one over on her colleagues and when fellow teacher, Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox), who is deputy head of Hollyoaks High, mentions that the smell of teenage body spray has been making her feel nauseous, Olivia seizes the opportunity to pounce.

She goes running to Sally to tell her that she thinks pregnant Nancy needs a break.

Will Sally give Nancy time off? And if so, we know just who will be stepping into her shoes!

Olivia tries to butter up head teacher Sally St Claire

Elsewhere, things get competitive between Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) and Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik).

When Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) accidentally hires them both for the same job, the pair are left going head to head.

To avoid any upset, Luke’s son, Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clark) comes up with a burger-selling contest as a way of settling who should get the role.

Who will come out on top and who will be packing up their patties?