Hollyoaks spoiler: The Maaliks face a new challenge

There’s more drama at home.

Hollyoaks spoiler Episode 5790

E4 airdate: Thursday 17 February 2022 at 19:00

Channel 4 airdate: Friday 18 February 2022 at 18:30

Misbah panics when she realises that she’s meant to be hosting a meal today for Aunty Kameela’s birthday.

The Maaliks must act like one big happy family and Misbah begs them to keep quiet about the case against Ali.

A betrayed Verity confides in Scott after Shaq was caught in the act yesterday, but will she hear him out?

Tom attends the meal, and Aunty Kameela is blissfully unaware about his and Yazz’s marital issues. She wants all the juicy details about their wedding, but will it bring the couple closer together or further apart?

Nobody notices how much Imran is struggling with being kept out of the loop from his family’s drama, and, feeling left out, he drunkenly crashes the meal.

Meanwhile, Warren tries to put on a brave face as he shows his strength by challenging someone to a tyre flipping competition. However, when he’s alone, we see how much he’s struggling.

Elsewhere, Sienna tries to convince Liberty that she’s protecting her from Ethan, but will she believe her? Later, Sienna and Ste are pointing the blame at one another, which leads to a huge row.

Writer: Heather Robson

Director: Neil J Wilkinson