Hollyoaks Spoiler: Ethan’s problems get worse

Can Sienna save him?

Episode 5788

E4 airdate: Tuesday 15 February 2022 at 19:00

Channel 4 airdate: Wednesday 16 February 2022 at 18:30

Ethan has a lot of explaining to do after policeman Sam overheard a damning conversation yesterday. Sienna jumps to his defence and makes up a believable lie to get him off his back, but will Sam believe her?

Later, Ethan has a dangerous proposition for Ste and Sienna, but later Ste reminds his partner that she’s the deadliest cleaner this side of Dee Valley and nobody pushes her around.

However, when Sienna thinks she has managed to get Ethan off their backs for good, he turns his attention to Liberty.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot at stake when Ollie must decide whether to side with Cindy, or with Becky, as both of them argue their corner. Later, social services are called on Becky again, and Ollie makes a final decision.

Elsewhere, Yazz enlists Verity’s help with a new article she is writing regarding cheating in a relationship. She gives Tom a memory stick so he can read her final article. However, a huge mix-up leads to Tom sending the wrong article to the Chester Herald.

Also today, Dave wants to play a board game with Lizzie and Serena, but they turn him away. Later, after some stern words from Honour, they have a change of heart.

Writer: Jonathan Boam

Director: Neil J Wilkinson