Hollyoaks Spoiler Episode 5847: Eric makes another sinister move

He tries to remove his competition.

Hollyoaks Spoiler Episode 5847

All 4 release date: Monday 09 May 2022

E4 airdate: Monday 09 May 2022 at 19:00

Channel 4 airdate: Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 18:30

Hopes for Eric and Cleo are shattered when he sees a spicy text from Joel on Cleo’s phone.

Later, at The Loft, Eric makes a desperate attempt to come out on top and resorts to extreme measures to wipe out the competition, but will he get caught?

Meanwhile, Zoe celebrates her birthday at The Loft, but even whilst surrounded by all her friends, her mind wanders to Sam and she makes a drunken phone call.

Elsewhere, the Nightingales move back into their home. John Paul faces a moral dilemma as he chooses whether to give into James’s demands.

Also today, there are high stakes for Serena as she prepares for her first training session since her overdose, but will she be able to prove herself enough for the coach to keep her on?

Writer: Jane Wainwright

Director: Suzanne Readwin