Hollyoaks’ Sienna has a shocking request in revenge plan against Warren

Will Norma do it?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a new twist in Sienna Blake’s revenge plan against Warren Fox.

In tonight’s (June 23) episode, Sienna (Anna Passey) turned to an unlikely ally to bring down Warren (Jamie Lomas).

In previous episodes, she had discovered that Warren was responsible for her ex-fiancé Brody Hudson’s (Adam Woodward) death. After Sienna’s evidence – a cuddly bear with a recording function incriminating Warren – went missing, she was determined to find the toy.

“We find the bear at all costs,” Sienna told Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts), who was still officially the prime suspect in Brody’s murder.

“It is worth the risk. It’s for Brody. This is our chance to get justice,” she added.

Meanwhile, the bear was revealed to be with Warren, who realised Sienna must have been aware of his involvement in Brody’s death.

Later on, Damon snuck into Warren’s garage to find the bear hidden in a closet.

In a flashback, viewers got to see Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) removing the recording device from the toy to cover for Warren, leaving Sienna and Damon with no evidence.

When Damon questioned Sienna’s real feelings for Warren and told her she would be on her own in her revenge quest, she turned to gangster Norma (Glynis Barber) for help.

“I can’t get justice for Brody, so I’ll settle for revenge,” Sienna told Norma, adding: “I need you to kill Warren.”

Will Norma follow through on the request?

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