Hollyoaks’ Shaq Qureshi makes a big discovery in Juliet and Nadira story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Shaq Qureshi made a soul-destroying discovery about his fiancée Nadira Valli in tonight’s (May 31) first-look episode of Hollyoaks on E4.

Nadira and Juliet Nightingale have been keeping their attraction to each other a secret in recent weeks after sharing a kiss earlier in the month, but now, after another sneaky snog session and a heart-to-heart, the secret’s out.

In tonight’s episode, Nadira was still reeling from the unexpected arrival of her dad, especially after his appearance confirmed to Shaq that Nadira hadn’t told her family about their engagement.

While Nadira insisted to Shaq that she wasn’t hiding anything from him, he was later left devastated when he realised that Nadira had been cheating on him with Juliet.

Nadira and Juliet’s secret was revealed later in the episode as Juliet met up with Nadira after Peri left to sit her nursing exam.

Despite sharing another kiss, Juliet was later devastated to realise that she’d forgotten to meet Peri and she later visited Nadira to tell her that they couldn’t see each other anymore, deciding to put her relationship with Peri first.

“Everytime I look at [Peri], all I can think about is you… and that kiss,” Juliet explained.

“I know that you’ll figure it out,” she told Nadira. “But I can’t be the person that helps you do that. So from now on, we don’t speak, we don’t meet up, nothing or else I’ll lose Peri. And I can’t do that.”

Nadira was clearly stunned to receive this bombshell, but as she ran upstairs in tears, the camera revealed that the couple weren’t as alone as they’d thought, as Shaq was sitting on the couch in the corner and he’d heard everything.

Where this leaves their future marriage is anyone’s guess right now, but could Shaq even grass Juliet up to her fiancée?

Meanwhile, after Juliet and Nadira’s big kiss aired a few weeks ago, Ashling O’Shea (who plays Nadira) spoke of her character’s potentially sticky dynamic with her family if she told them the truth about her sexuality.

“For all she knows they might embrace her, although Nadira is scared of bringing shame and knows it can be hard to live authentically as a queer person in today’s society,” she said.

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