Hollyoaks reveals sinister new story for Cindy Cunningham

Hollyoaks is lining up a sinister new story for Cindy Cunningham, as she gets an unwelcome visitor next week.

Cindy has been trying to move forward with her life in the wake of her partner Luke Morgan’s death, and has struck up a strong bond with Grace Black – who is dealing with grief of her own.

Cindy takes a big step in next week’s episodes, by deciding to move in with Grace and make some new memories.

Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start with Grace and their new living arrangements, leaving Cindy feeling lonelier than ever.

She is given a much-needed boost though when two fellow village residents plan a surprise for her.

Sadly, the day takes a turn when Verity overhears Cindy getting flirty with someone and an attempt to investigate leads to a heartbreaking spillage.

After almost losing Luke’s ashes completely, Cindy considers scattering them in a memorable location.

Later, Verity and Cindy find themselves un-invited to Saul’s funeral and Grace’s grief manifests on the difficult day.

Despite this, Cindy refuses to turn her back on her friend and organises a fundraiser to remember Saul.

Cindy puts her plans in place but is left unsettled by a chilling phone call.

When she confides in Tony about it, he suggests her grief might be triggering her bipolar disorder.

However, when a terrifying visitor arrives as Cindy sleeps, it’s clear that she really is being targeted. Who is out to get her and is Cindy in danger?

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