Hollyoaks reveals huge twist in Sienna Blake’s death revenge plan

Will she be able to get her scheme back on track?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks’ first look E4 episode featured another twist in Sienna Blake’s revenge plan tonight (June 21), after she previously learned that Warren Fox was indeed responsible for Brody Hudson’s death… finding out from the recording function of a cuddly bear, all of things.

Sienna kept her knowledge of the truth secret as Warren reassured her that Damon Kinsella – who he’s been scapegoating – would pay, agreeing that “the person who murdered Brody will suffer” while keeping it vague.

While Warren was looking after the kids, Sienna was busy pouring gasoline over the office and texted him to come over, planning to burn him alive. But her plans were scuppered when Warren brought Sophie along with him.

Desperate, Sienna turned to Damon for help in getting revenge (after nearly running him over), telling him the truth. Sienna’s initial idea is to murder him, but Damon told her that going to the police might be a better idea. But after a passionate speech from Sienna, Damon got out of the van to have it out with Warren.

Sienna desperately tried to stop Damon since Warren isn’t aware that she knows the truth. Thankfully for her, Damon only made some vague threats to Warren and agreed that they need to take him down safely.

But, in another twist, Sienna discovers that the confession bear has gone missing! Who’s taken it and will Sienna be able to get it back to take Warren down?

Elsewhere in the episode, Mercedes McQueen learns that Silas has been messaging Bobby, but is unable to convince him that Silas is a monster.

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