Hollyoaks’ Peri Lomax makes huge discovery over Juliet and Nadira

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Peri Lomax made a shocking discovery about her fiancé Juliet Nightingale in tonight’s (June 1) first-look episode of Hollyoaks on E4.

After kissing Nadira again the previous night, Juliet, preoccupied by her conflicting feelings, left Peri’s jacket at Nadira’s house without realising.

Juliet was agonising over kissing Nadira and her fear of losing Peri while her fiancée searched for the jacket she was wearing last night. Juliet became defensive and snapped at Peri as she questioned where she’d been last night, causing her to believe Juliet had been sneaking around her back.

Convinced she was on to something, Peri refused to let the argument go.

Meanwhile, Nadira’s father was excited about her relationship with Shaq Qureshi but she was distracted. Sensing her apprehension, the father and daughter shared a heart-to-heart with each other.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s all I care about,” he told Nadira, urging her that she doesn’t have to marry Shaq if she doesn’t want to.

At the same time, Peri was feeling remorseful about accusing Juliet of cheating, thinking her fiancé had visited Marnie’s grave the night before.

Believing herself to be out of the woods, Juliet told Peri she’s the one she wants to be with and changed the topic to their upcoming marriage. However, Nadira and Juliet couldn’t help but steal glances at each other from across the village.

Elsewhere, Shaq was unable to concentrate, preoccupied with the discovery of Nadira and Juliet kissing the night before. Tom pressed Shaq on his mood, who confided in Tom his worries about Nadira having cold feet – but leaving out that he saw Nadira and Juliet together.

Shaq returned home to find a nervous Nadira wanting to make the engagement official, telling Shaq she hid their engagement out of shame but despite that wants to make a future with him.

The pair confirmed a wedding date announcement, and Shaq’s mum excitedly shared the happy news online.

Juliet visited Nadira, confronting her about the decision to get married when she’s unsure about her sexuality, but Nadira brushed her off.

Later, Juliet rehearsed for her wedding and gushed that Peri was her soulmate. Meanwhile, Peri went to congratulate Nadira on the engagement but found her jacket.

Believing Juliet to be seeing one of the boys in the house, Peri furiously ranted to a guilty-looking Nadira.

But will she come clean to Peri?

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