Hollyoaks’ Mercedes McQueen faces child services investigation over Bobby

Mercedes McQueen will face a child services investigation in Hollyoaks over her son Bobby’s growing dark side.

The McQueens are struggling with Bobby’s dark impulses, though they have no idea he’s in touch with his serial killer grandfather Silas or that he left his stepfather Sylver to die in the explosion aftermath.

Mercy’s frustration boiled over this week when she had a tirade against her young son in front of therapist Honour Chen-Williams and her stepson Sam.

A cliffhanger from earlier in the week saw Sam urging Honour to contract social services in order to protect Bobby from his mum. In Friday’s (February 4) first-look episode, Mercy had decided to pull Bobby out of school for home lessons.

A social services officer arrived at the door just in time to hear Bobby mention how Mercedes had hurt his ankle during their row.

“I need to talk to you about your son,” he insisted.

Mercy had John Paul take Bobby out for a pizza, but the boy got away from his uncle during the outing. Back at the McQueen home, Mercy was pleased to hear CPS officer Michael believed that Bobby’s injury was just an accident.

However, Michael left Mercedes reeling by suggesting both she and her son needed professional help to get through the grieving process for Sylver.

In the night’s final scenes, Nana McQueen was trying to help Mercy guess who in the village would have reported her to authorities.

“Take your pic, Nana. Everyone thinks I’m a crappy mother,” Mercedes admitted.

Bobby barged in at that moment, though John-Paul was nowhere in sight even though he was supposed to be watching the boy.

In a shocking moment, Mercedes rummaged through Bobby’s rucksack after he’d left the room and was horrified to find three mini-vodka bottles!

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