Hollyoaks’ James Nightingale to make exit plan after Norma twist

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

James Nightingale has an exit plan in upcoming Hollyoaks scenes.

The lawyer has been troubled ever since the death of his mum Marnie earlier in the year, as he’s descended into gambling addiction and alienated most of his family.

In upcoming scenes, James struggles to come up with cash because he owes recent gambling losses as well as debts he ran up while in jail.

Even worse, he has been warned to pay up or other members of the Nightingale family will be hurt. Meanwhile, Ste has been desperately trying in vain to get James to enter treatment for his addiction.

Ste’s attempts to help James actually only further push him into trouble when James realises Ste’s boss, Norma (aka The Undertaker), may be his only hope of shaking his debts.

James’ plan to convince Norma to help him goes terribly wrong, as The Undertaker decides to teach him a lesson by trapping him in a coffin.

Norma makes a surprise decision to give James a chance to prove himself after he begs to make a delivery. Romeo catches wind of what his father has sunk to, so he gets involved at his own peril.

Eventually, The Undertaker shows her cards by making James a chilling offer – scaring him so much that the lawyer decides to make an escape from Hollyoaks.

Will James’ getaway plan work out?

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