Hollyoaks heartbreak as Peri learns about Juliet cheating on her

Hollyoaks’ Peri Lomax was devastated and confused when fiancée Juliet Nightingale broke up with her out of the blue, and in tonight’s (July 27) E4 first-look episode she learned why. Well, partially.

The latest instalment began with social media buzzing about the break-up, with plenty of speculation about Juliet kissing someone else (although most people, Peri included, don’t know that person is Nadira Valli, who is engaged to Shaq Qureshi, and they’ve been doing more than kissing).

Sid Sumner was determined to try and get the couple back together, telling Juliet that she constantly pushes people away as she is scared of being happy.

Juliet responded that she had it all figured out: Nadira would come out and break up with Shaq, the couple would stay at James’s and get their own place eventually. Sid wasn’t buying it, thinking she’ll do the same thing to Nadira down the line.

Meeting up afterwards, Juliet convinced Nadira to leave Shaq for her. Just as she was about to, Misbah Maalik turned up with a bridal trousseau and talked about how Nadira “brought the light back into my family” after her recent ordeals, and Nadira couldn’t go through with it.

But instead of continuing on with her inner turmoil, Nadira actually found clarity. She confronted Juliet and called it off with her, putting their fling down to hormones more than anything else.

“You leaving Peri like that, throwing the ball into my court, forcing me to make a move. Don’t you understand the pressure you put on me, how selfish that was?” she raged. “We don’t have a future, Juliet. I don’t know your middle name, your favourite colour or what made you afraid as a kid. I know those things about Shaq… I want to be a good wife.”

But things are about to get even worse for Juliet, as Lizzie Chen-Williams told Peri that her now-ex-fiancée was cheating on her…

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