Hollyoaks airs shock James Nightingale return as he begs Ste Hay for help

Hollyoaks has seen James Nightingale coming out of hiding to try and get his life back amidst his gambling storyline.

Earlier this year, James (Gregory Finnegan) seemingly left the village behind after his debts and connection to Norma (Glynis Barber) were exposed. However, he was recently revealed to be The King, a local, anonymous superhero-like figure known for reuniting missing people with their families.

In tonight’s (August 4) episode, the lawyer was back in Hollyoaks and begged his ex Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) to help him.

James confronted Ste as he was taking selfies in the street, dragging him to an alleyway where they could have a chat away from prying eyes.

“I don’t have much time so listen very carefully,” James whispered to a shocked Ste.

“I want my old life back but I’m in over my head with some very unsavoury people,” he continuing, adding: “I need your help or I’m a dead man.”

Earlier in the episode, James publicly revealed himself as The King during Romeo (Owen Warner) and Prince McQueen’s (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) outdoor radio broadcast.

“You could have rolled out the red carpet,” James told Romeo in front a silent crowd.

His son called him out for not having reached out to his family.

“We’ve been worrying ourselves sick, imagining the worst,” he said. “I just don’t get why you choose to be homeless, when you could’ve just come home to us.”

James assured his son it wasn’t as simple as it looked and that he hadn’t gambled “for weeks”.

“I know I’ve hurt a lot of people, including you,” he told Romeo, adding: “Becoming the King was my roundabout way of making amends.”

Romeo gave him back his notebook and told him he was proud of him for helping others.

“It’s awe-inspiring,” he said, asking his dad to come home.

Will James get back to his family? And what was he asking of his ex-boyfriend?

Hollyoaks now streams first on All 4, with new episodes dropping each weekday morning. The show airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, and at 7pm on E4.