Hollyoaks airs shock exit for James Nightingale – but will he be back?

Will this be the end of his problems?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Tonight (June 10) saw a double bill of Hollyoaks which ended in a shock exit for James Nightingale – but will he be gone for good?

The episode opened with James receiving an ultimatum from Jeremy: pay up or he’ll come after James’ family.

Furious about James’ plan to fake his death, Ste tried again to make him admit he has a gambling addiction. But James was preoccupied, remembering Ste had a connection to Norma and believing this could be the solution to his mounting debts, so he made plans to get her number.

Later, James met with Norma expecting to strike an easy deal, but instead found himself forced into a coffin in the back of a car and begging for his life.

After pleading his case, Norma finally agreed to pay off James’ debt, with a condition: he must complete a job from her. “If you’re keen to represent people in my business, it might be helpful to get some experience on the shop floor,” Norma told him.

Back at his house, James tried to prepare for the job but Donna-Marie and Juliet told him they wanted nothing to do with him and left.

Romeo was still willing to help his dad and pleaded with him to open up.

James tried to explain to Romeo his situation but ended up collapsing in panic, unable to reveal who he was working for. “If I talk, we both might die,” he told Romeo.

Romeo instead went to meet the ex-clients of Norms who, when finding out the money was fake, proceeded to attack him.

Unable to tell him who was behind the set-up, James begged his son to trust that he’d never put him in this situation but Romeo now wanted nothing more to do with his dad.

Later, James confronted Norma over the counterfeit money. She then revealed it was set up as a test and offered James a place working for her threatening to use Romeo if he refused.

James then met with Ste to apologise, but Ste instead told him to make it up to his family: “If you really care about them, then step up and be the man that they deserve.”

Back at James’ house, Romeo was seen struggling with the aftermath of the attack. Florence arrived and revealed a letter from James confirming that Jeremy had been paid off and that he was leaving Hollyoaks for good.

“This is what you all wanted, wasn’t it? Me to leave you alone… we are now family only,” he wrote.

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