Hollyoaks airs heartbreaking Cindy scenes in Luke death aftermath

She got a surprise message from him.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has seen Cindy Cunningham arrive back in the village following the death of her fiancé Luke Morgan.

In tonight’s (June 9) episode, Cindy’s (Stephanie Waring) behaviour raised concerns as she faced the reality of Luke (Gary Lucy) not being there. In previous scenes, Luke sadly died from his injuries after falling off a cliff in Mallorca, where he was celebrating his stag do.

As soon she got out of the cab in Hollyoaks, Cindy teared up noticing the burger stall’s sign saying it was closed for their stag and hen do’s.

At home, Yasmine (Haiesha Mistry) and Tom (Ellis Hollins) tried to support Cindy as she adjusted to the new situation, but she refused their help. She told them she wanted to be alone and grabbed the wedding dress that Tom had brought in from the dry cleaner.

Later on, Cindy showed up at the burger stall in her wedding gown, determined to keep the business up and running for Luke, much to his son Ollie (Gabriel Clark) and Brooke Hathaway’s (Tylan Grant) concern.

As soon as Cindy lathered her hands with ketchup and patted them clean on her pristine wedding dress, a worried Ollie texted Tom, telling him they needed to talk about her.

“Maybe you should call the doctor. I know she’s grieving, we all are, but this isn’t normal,” Ollie said to Tom as they walked back to the stall.

“She’s in shock,” Tom said, assuring Ollie that Cindy had been taking her medication for her bipolar disorder.

When Cindy had a meltdown at the supermarket, Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) took her aside to check in on her. The two bonded over their loss, with Cindy admitting to being angry as she and Luke didn’t get to have their happy ending.

“You take each day as it comes. You do what you want, when you want,” Mercedes comforted her, before adding: “I’m just a phone call away if you ever need me.”

In the final scenes, Ollie showed Cindy what Luke was planning for the wedding, revealing her fiancé had been taking dance classes to surprise her.

As she and Ollie danced together, Cindy imagined having one last, heartbreaking conversation with Luke, telling him how much she missed him already.

At home, Cindy watched a video message her fiancé had recorded for her while in Mallorca, finding some comfort in hearing his voice and laugh again.

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