Hollyoaks airs big development after Felix Westwood’s false confession

Martine and Toby have come up with a desperate plan.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Toby Faroe has come up with a new way to escape justice for killing Lisa Loveday in Hollyoaks.

Tuesday’s first-look episode saw nurse Cleo at the bedside of her estranged boyfriend, where she reminded Toby she’d loved his brother Mitchell years ago.

“The only mistake I made was allowing myself to fall in love with you after he left,” Cleo harshly told him.

Martine barged into his hospital room seconds later with the news of Felix’s false confession. She then questioned Toby on whether he’d allow his father to take the blame or “step up” to take responsibility for his actions.

Toby begged for his mother’s help as he admitted he didn’t know how far he’d be willing to go to stay out of jail. Later, Martine was confronted by Saul and Grace once she’d received a video message from Toby.

Saul watched on as Toby confessed to Lisa’s murder in the message as he apologised for letting her down again. She broke down as Toby threatened that he would harm himself.

Over at the police station, DS Cohen initially called Felix a “fantasist” but she started to believe him when he spun a story about the night of Lisa’s death.

Felix told her a series of lies — that Lisa had attacked him once she’d found out about his flings with Martine and Grace. Then, Felix said, he’d reached for the nearest object and struck her to get Lisa to stop.

“Let’s see how your story ties with the evidence,” DS Cohen warned.

Later, Felix was released from custody when Saul revealed what he’d seen to DS Cohen. As Martine tried to explain what had happened, Felix was barely listening.

“I was out to give my son a way out, but I failed,” a desperate Felix confided in her.

That’s when Felix was surprised to see Toby approaching him! It became clear that Martine had helped Toby come up with a way to escape justice and save Felix at the same time.

“I’m alive,” Toby assured his family.

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