Hollyoaks airs another affair twist for Juliet and Nadira

Hollyoaks aired another cheating twist for Juliet Nightingale and Nadira Valli as Peri Lomax made a shock discovery.

In tonight’s (July 28) episode, a devastated Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) asked Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) to tell her who she had been cheating on her with.

“We survived so much, we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together,” she said.

“Don’t you think I deserve to know who you’re throwing all that away for?” she continued, but Juliet refused to tell her it was Nadira (Ashling O’ Shea).

Later on, Peri questioned Sid (Billy Price), thinking he knew more that he’d let on. He apologised to her, saying that he didn’t feel it was his place to tell her anything.

“Juliet promised me that she would tell you about Nadira…” he added, right as Juliet walked over and shushed him – but it was too late.

Peri and Juliet had a confrontation, with the latter swearing developing feelings for Nadira had not been intentional.

“Well, you can’t exactly help who you fall for,” she said, adding: “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, you have to believe me.”

Juliet also begged Peri not to out Nadira to fiancé Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) and his family.

“I have no right to ask this, but please don’t say anything to Shaq. He needs to hear it from her,” Juliet said.

Peri agreed, before walking away.

Later on, Juliet asked Nadira to meet in private to fill her in on what had just happened.

Despite being worried that Peri might tell everyone, Nadira seemed adamant to marry Shaq.

“I can’t be with you, not how you want,” she told Juliet.

“The only way we could be together is if it was in secret. Is that enough?” she continued as sparks were flying between them.

“It’ll have to be,” Juliet replied, leaning in for a kiss.

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