9 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Next week on Hollyoaks, a new character arrives in a special episode for the show.

Elsewhere, Ste and Sienna’s dramas with Ethan continue, while Serena surprises Lizzie with a confession.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. A special episode airs

Hollyoaks bosses have confirmed plans to celebrate International Women’s Day with a special episode exploring the dismissive terms which are often used against women.

Cleo, Verity, newcomer Zoe and more of the female villagers will start to challenge and reclaim the labels they’re given by others around them.

Verity calls out Tony when he makes some misogynistic comments, while Ella’s friends gather to support her when someone paints some nasty graffiti against her at school.

2. Tony and Verity’s brother arrives

The International Women’s Day episode also features the first appearance of new cast member Angus Castle-Doughty, who has landed the role of Tony and Verity’s brother Eric Foster.

Eric’s arrival comes as a shock to Verity, and the show will be exploring the complex dynamic between the two siblings.

Angus recently said: “Eric’s upcoming storyline is topical, important, and one which hasn’t been covered in soap before, and we are working really hard to do it justice.”

3. Ste causes trouble for Sienna

Ste grows increasingly unhappy over Sienna working for Ethan. He urges his cleaning partner to change sides, but finds it impossible to get through to her.

Ste is adamant that he must do something, but his timing comes just as Ethan is entrusting Sienna with an important job. An impulsive Ste makes a decision that could land Sienna in big trouble.

4. Ste realises he has underestimated Ethan

Ste starts to think that things are looking up for him, but he soon realises that he’s in danger once again. He tries to turn to Sienna for help, despite the recent animosity between them.

Ethan stays firmly in control by harshly showing Ste the consequences of his actions, leaving him fearful once more. There’s an even bigger turn for the worse when Ethan shares some important photos.

5. Nancy confronts Charlie

Charlie’s behaviour becomes a cause for concern following Ella’s miscarriage and he isn’t as supportive as he should be.

Nancy decides that it’s time to step in and rebuke Charlie for his behaviour, hoping that it’ll be a wake-up call for the teen.

6. Misbah gets her own back

Misbah’s love life becomes centre of attention as Shaq and Peri both try to set her up on a date.

Well aware of what they’re up to, Misbah can’t resist playing a practical joke in response.

7. Shaq tries to move on

Shaq takes some time to consider his own love life, seemingly ready to move on from his feelings for Verity. He announces that he plans to go on 30 days’ worth of dates.

Cindy offers Shaq some advice, which leads to him changing his planned approach.

The Maaliks become concerned over Shaq’s behaviour and decide that it’s time to stage an intervention.

8. Serena makes a confession

Serena continues to be frosty towards Sid after the previous romantic chemistry between them.

Lizzie is sad that her sister and boyfriend aren’t getting along, so she tries to ease the tensions.

The drama isn’t over, though, as Serena responds with a shocking confession and Dave is left trying to mediate between his daughters.

9. Cindy suffers a wedding setback

Cindy has been busy planning her wedding, but hits a stumbling block when she finds out that nobody will officiate the ceremony.

Can she come up with a solution?