7 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for next week
What’s next in the village?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, a big set of episodes for the McQueens sees John Paul’s problems push his family to breaking point.

Elsewhere, Wendy’s plans come under threat thanks to Sally, while Prince and Romeo unite for a new project.

Here’s a full collection of seven big moments coming up.

  1. John Paul’s family seek support

John Paul’s drinking problem is getting worse, so his family decide to keep him away from his son Matthew-Jesus. Things escalate when Sally tries to help her son get back home and John Paul lashes out, with painful consequences.

Later, Mercedes struggles to find a place in a rehab centre for John Paul. Sally is forced to step in once again with another drastic plan.

  1. Sally catches out Wendy

Sally makes a chilling discovery and the aftermath sees John Paul rushed to hospital. John Paul blames Sally for his predicament, which worsens the strained relationships among the McQueens.

Wendy decides to use John Paul’s accident to her advantage and returns to the village, but her scheming could finally be under threat when Sally overhears her on the phone to Silas.

  1. Wendy scrambles

Wendy has reason to worry as it becomes clear that Sally is onto her.

As Wendy scrambles to protect her sinister plans for Bobby, what will her next move be? Is Sally in danger?

  1. John Paul makes an upsetting discovery

John Paul looks through a comic that Matthew-Jesus has put together.

John Paul is proud of his son’s efforts, but he’s wrong-footed when he discovers that the villain in Matthew’s story is based on him.

  1. Vicky takes revenge

Vicky is upset with Charlie after finding out that he has uploaded an online “fit list” which objectifies some of the local girls.

Vicky takes revenge on Charlie and finds herself in trouble, but Zara is quick to defend her.

  1. There’s a protest at Hollyoaks High

Vicky’s friends all gather to protest in her support at Hollyoaks High. Olivia is not impressed and tries to get the group to disperse.

The protestors know that they need Charlie to confess over his wrongdoing, but will he go along with this?

  1. Prince and Romeo team up

Prince and Romeo decide to enter a DJ competition together.

Romeo has an ulterior motive for this, wanting to find his dad as James has done another disappearing act from the village. Romeo hopes that the large audience for the competition can be used to help him search for James.

Before long, the lads receive some bad news about the competition, but they hope to turn around their fortunes.

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