15 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, there’s a blast from the past as Lisa Hunter returns.

Elsewhere, Joel and Cleo’s romantic chemistry is revisited, while Serena doubts her future after another setback.

Here’s a full collection of 15 big moments coming up.

1. Zara challenges Tony

Zara and Tony become rivals when they both eye the same position on the local council.

Tony takes a smug approach by openly doubting whether Zara has what it takes to compete with him. Zara thinks otherwise, and challenges him to take part in a public debate.

2. Lisa Hunter returns

As Zara and Tony prepare for their big debate, there’s a blast from the past as Lisa Hunter returns. Gemma Atkinson has reprised the role for a couple of episodes.

Lisa’s reappearance has the potential to ruin things for Zara, as she knows secrets from Zara’s time away in Thailand. Will she expose these?

3. Lisa and Zara head on a protest

Lisa has returned to the village with her boyfriend Dylan, who’s clearly not a fan of Zara.

When the time comes for Zara to take Lisa and Dylan back to the airport, they stop off for a protest at a museum along the way. While there, things go badly wrong for Zara as she finds herself in trouble with the law.

4. Serena worries about her future

Serena receives some heartbreaking news as Honour explains that, following a setback, she won’t be able to attend the athletics qualifiers.

Serena ignores some advice from Dave by jumping straight back into action and devoting her time to fitness. However, she soon feels her dreams slipping away and confides in Lizzie about the situation.

5. Lizzie doubts Sid

Lizzie becomes wary of Sid after finding out about his dark past.

Sid’s best friend Juliet is quick to back him up and she offers Lizzie some advice, but whether it’s enough to change her mind remains to be seen.

6. Warren pushes himself

Warren remains in pain after the hit and run, but he appears to be in denial over the situation. He challenges himself by focusing on his fitness, despite warnings from Joel that he’s putting himself at risk.

Warren refuses to listen and believes he has something to prove, so he decides to sign up for the Dee Valley Fight League.

7. Warren is targeted by an attacker

Warren’s week takes another dramatic turn when he’s confronted by a masked attacker.

Warren is taken by surprise over the incident, but can he still come out on top?

8. Warren goes out for revenge

Warren makes a vengeful plan following the attack incident and pays a visit to the Chen-Williams family’s flat.

A surprising revelation disrupts Warren’s plans, but he soon has a demand to issue to Ethan.

9. Warren faces further pressure

Warren worries when he runs out of pain medication and feels desperate without it. Hollyoaks bosses have confirmed that Warren’s reliance on pills will be a major storyline in the months ahead.

Later, after an opportunity presents itself to Warren, he finds himself in another dangerous situation.

10. Joel and Cleo give into temptation

Joel tries to help the local community by offering a kind gesture to those who have lost loved ones recently.

Later, Joel seeks out Cleo at the McQueen house for a heart-to-heart. They give into temptation by sharing a kiss, which could lead to more.

11. Joel opens up over his feelings for Cleo

Cleo searches the village for Joel later in the week, but he appears to be hiding from her and gets Maxine to cover for him.

Maxine wants to know what’s going on, so Joel admits that he’ll always love Cleo. Will he share this with Cleo?

12. Pearl tries to help Zoe

Zoe’s main plans for the next few weeks involve binging different TV shows, but Pearl has other ideas.

Pearl can’t resist meddling and decides that it’s time to improve Zoe’s social life.

13. Bobby’s bad behaviour continues

Mercedes worries when Bobby fails his progress test.

Later, Sam shows up to advertise his boxercise class. Mercedes becomes flirtatious with the local copper, but this annoys Bobby and he makes a shocking accusation.

14. Martine gets a delivery

Martine receives a package and its contents leave her rattled.

Emotions run high at the Deveraux flat afterwards and Martine could say some things that she regrets.

15. Ethan receives a warning

Ethan sports a black eye after another dramatic situation, which leaves Sam concerned.

Sam warns Ethan not to cause any more trouble. Will he be keeping a close eye on his bad boy uncle from now on?