15 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for Luke’s heartbreaking exit week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks fans will need to have the tissues at the ready next week, as Luke Morgan’s heartbreaking exit airs in an hour-long special.

The unmissable episodes will also see Nancy give birth, Chesney Hawkes make a cameo and Martine make a big decision.

Here’s a full collection of the 15 biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Chesney Hawkes makes a cameo

As Darren and Nancy’s big day has arrived, they are still keen to keep it a secret – not wanting to overshadow Cindy and Luke’s big holiday in Mallorca.

When Cindy almost spots her in her wedding dress, Nancy is forced to lie about what she’s up to.

Best man Luke, on the other hand, has some very exciting plans for a post-wedding celebration. This involves an adorned marquee and an extra-special guest in the form of Chesney Hawkes, who serenades the happy couple.

2. Martine makes a big decision

Tension builds at the Deveraux’s when DeMarcus finds out about the potential move closer to Toby’s prison.

Felix remains certain that he can change Martine’s mind, but she is already busy making the necessary arrangements around the village.

Martine later makes a shocking decision, but what is it? And what will it mean for the family?

3. Meet Alex!

The sun rises on the beautiful Mallorca coast as Luke and Cindy’s pre-wedding celebrations commence.

The girls kick back for a spa day, while the boys – dressed in matching stag-do T-shirts – explore the island. Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start for the stags when they discover the boat they have hired is a far cry from the speedboat they were expecting.

Luckily, kind stranger Alex (aka former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas) saves the day by showing them a good time anyway.

However, while showing off Cindy’s wedding ring, Luke and the rest of the stag do are faced with armed robbers.

4. Tom and Yazz hit the rocks

Tom is feeling insecure about a comment Yazz has made during the trip.

Wanting answers, Tom interrupts her hen-do massage to discuss it but only ends up making the situation worse.

Tom goes to seek advice off Cindy, but they are soon interrupted by the naked stag group – who have been mugged.

5. Luke and Ollie are left in danger

As the party say their goodbyes to new friend Alex, Luke spots his glistening jewellery, and wonders why they weren’t stolen too. He then makes a shocking realisation, which threatens to change everything.

As a result, Luke is set with a dangerous task, and its failure has a deadly cost for Ollie. Can Luke remember what he must do to save his son’s life?

6. Luke’s devastating exit

Sadly, next week’s scenes will mark Luke’s final chapter as his story comes to a heartbreaking end.

​​Gary Lucy has already filmed his final scenes in the role, and Luke’s exit will play out in an hour-long episode airing on Monday (June 6) on E4) and Wednesday (June 8) on Channel 4.

With many touching moments and heartfelt reflections, tragedy eventually strikes at sunset.

Sunny Mallorca then turns sorrowful for Luke’s loved ones as they wait with anticipation at his bedside for some news.

Although Tony tries to keep spirits up with a pep talk on Luke’s resilience, Cindy eventually gets the heartbreaking news that the doctors can’t do anymore for him.

7. Nancy gives birth

Back in the Hollyoaks village, Nancy heads to work after being reassured by doctors that everything is fine with her pregnancy. However, her day takes a worrying turn when she is forced to break up a school fight between DeMarcus and Charlie.

She calls Felix in to discuss the situation with his son, but a series of unfortunate events lead to Nancy being locked in a classroom alone with him – just as her waters break.

Felix and Nancy quickly both realise how inexperienced each other are with birthing, sparking further panic.

As they delve into their pasts and touch on uncomfortable memories, Nancy and Felix eventually come together to deliver the baby.

8. Darren struggles with his emotions

Darren has to fight back tears as he rushes home to meet his baby daughter, after learning that Luke has died.

In the aftermath, Darren struggles with his emotions – plagued with grief for his best friend, but filled with love and joy for his newborn baby.

9. Romeo makes a shock discovery

Romeo sees red when a conversation with Shaq reveals the shocking truth behind James’s involvement in Tom’s recent misfortune.

Furious, Romeo confronts his dad, who makes a surprising confession.

10. James makes another shock move

James makes a prison visit to a surprising ally called Jeremy, where his sinister plans are revealed.

But just when it looks like he wants to make a change for the better, James jeopardises his already-fragile relationship with his family by making his biggest gamble yet.

11. Cindy sparks concern

As the Cunningham family return home from Mallorca, they are faced with the reality of Luke being gone for good.

Cindy’s behaviour is particularly alarming when she puts on her wedding dress and insists on opening the burger stall.

Ignoring her family’s concerns, Cindy goes to buy more produce from Price Slice, only to end up snapping at Pearl in the process.

12. Mercedes supports Cindy

Spotting Cindy’s turmoil in the village, Mercedes steps in.

As they bond over their shared grief for their partners, the two women come together, and Mercedes offers Cindy some words of encouragement.

13. Ollie and Cindy say goodbye to Luke

In touching scenes, Ollie surprises Cindy at the folly. He tells her that Luke had been taking dancing lessons for the wedding, and shows her what he learned.

This allows Cindy and Ollie to say her final goodbye to Luke, but what does the future hold for them now?

14. Brooke struggles with their feelings

As Darren struggles with his grief, Brooke also has mixed emotions in the aftermath of Luke’s death.

Seeing Darren and Nancy with their new baby, Brooke starts to wonder whether giving up their son Thierry was the right choice after all and decides to confide in Ripley.

15. Eric manipulates Charlie

Eric’s sinister story will be revisited next week, as he continues to manipulate schoolboy Charlie.

Eric is very much the Charlie’s devil on his shoulder when he encourages him to be cruel to fellow student Leah. Will Charlie listen?

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