14 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

What’s next in the village?

Next week on Hollyoaks, John Paul’s troubles have disastrous consequences for the Hollyoaks High students as there’s a terrible accident on a school trip.

Elsewhere, Mercedes makes a difficult decision on Bobby’s future, while Shaq faces more trouble in his efforts to find a new partner.

Here’s a full collection of 14 big moments coming up.

1. John Paul receives some harsh taunts

John Paul still isn’t his usual self following his recent heavy drinking. He trips and falls over during a class, which is caught on camera by Charlie.

John Paul is mortified when he finds Charlie and Mason laughing at the video and he decides on drastic action in response.

2. Olivia gets jealous over Nancy

Ambitious Olivia gets annoyed when she finds out that Nancy has been chosen to supervise the school camping trip. She’d hoped to take on this responsibility herself.

Later, when Olivia witnesses Nancy losing her temper with John Paul, she spots another opportunity to cause trouble for her rival.

Before long, Olivia’s scheming pays off when Sally changes her mind and decides to give her the position of chaperone rather than Nancy.

3. Prince pledges his support to John Paul

John Paul confides in Prince about the problems he’s currently facing.

Prince sympathises when John Paul explains the reasons for his current destructive relationship with alcohol. He agrees to become a guardian for John Paul, ensuring that he stops drinking.

4. John Paul suffers a shocking accident

On the day of the school camping trip, John Paul finds a vodka bottle stashed away in his jacket and is tempted to take a sip.

The day takes an unexpected turn for John Paul when he’s told that he’ll be designated driver. Disaster strikes when John Paul’s eyes start to close during the journey and he loses control of the vehicle, causing a crash. Was he driving under the influence?

5. John Paul faces the consequences

As John Paul regains consciousness, Olivia takes charge of the terrible situation by rounding up the kids from the van.

Mason panics when he realises that his new friend Freya is still in the van, stuck under everyone’s luggage.

Later, once the paramedics arrive, Olivia is suddenly nowhere to be found. John Paul goes looking for her and makes a worrying discovery.

Once everyone is at the hospital, Freya’s mum Lexi seeks answers from John Paul.

Prince is also stunned by Olivia’s involvement and wants an explanation from John Paul too.

6. Sam makes a concerning discovery

Sam feels guilty after Zoe injured herself during his bootcamp. He turns up with a bouquet of flowers to make amends.

Later, Sam watches back some video footage for an explanation of what happened. This shows Bobby meddling with the equipment shortly before the accident occurred.

7. Bobby is knocked unconscious

Bobby finds a leaflet for a new school and wastes no time before quizzing Mercedes about her plans for him.

The situation turns into a heated argument, and as things get out of hand, Bobby is knocked unconscious.

8. Mercedes is pushed to breaking point

Bobby is upset when he learns that Cleo has voiced some concerns about his recent bad behaviour. He responds by setting a dangerous trap for Mercedes, which almost leaves her hurt.

Mercedes soon has to deal with more excuses from Bobby and another challenging visit from social worker Mike. Fearing that she can’t cope, Mercedes purchases some drugs.

9. The truth about Aunt Wendy is revealed

Another member of the Blissett family recently descended on the village as Silas’s daughter Wendy paid a visit.

It appears that there’s more to Wendy’s presence than meets the eye, as her ulterior motive is revealed to the audience next week.

10. Mercedes makes a difficult decision

Mercedes panics when she spots Matthew-Jesus playing with her handbag, which has the drugs inside.

Later, Mercedes breaks down in front of Sally and makes a heartbreaking decision over Bobby’s future.

11. Zoe takes some advice from Verity

Verity runs a divorce surgery at the law firm and learns a lot from the clients who pay visits.

Verity later passes some of this advice onto Zoe, who is inspired by what she hears and decides to make a big move.

12. Shaq faces a decision over his dating approach

Zain invites Shaq to come along to an event for Muslim singles.

Shaq initially rejects the idea as he wants to carry on with his matrimonial app, but when he struggles to get any matches, he may consider changing his mind.

13. Shaq’s dating journey gets worse

Misbah convinces Shaq to go to the singles’ event, but he makes an embarrassing mistake with one of his chat-up lines.

Later, Verity gets the wrong impression when she spots Shaq with the matchmaker. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for their possible future together?

14. Zara hides a secret

Just as Cindy and Luke prepare to leave for a football game, Zara receives a surprise message and becomes insistent on going along in Cindy’s place.

Zara convinces Cindy to stay home, but Ollie later reports back that Luke and Zara didn’t show up for the game. Everyone is left to wonder what Zara is up to.