Former Emmerdale star Charley Webb sets record straight over pregnancy rumours

“I’ve had 58,013 messages.”

Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb has set the record straight after somehow managing to convince her social media fanbase that she’s pregnant again.

On Instagram Stories this week, the former Debbie Dingle actress uploaded a clip of herself and husband Matthew Wolfenden celebrating his 42nd birthday out in the garden with their three kids Buster, Bowie and Ace.

Webb could be seen helping 6-year-old Bowie release a confetti cannon, but that’s where the confusion stemmed from, with many fans jumping to the conclusion that this was a baby gender reveal.

charley webb, british soap awards 2017


Responding to the speculation, the soap star wrote: “2 things. 1 – That is not a gender reveal, I’ve had 58,013 messages. Sorry about that. 2 – When does the heatwave start?”

So there you have it, the TV couple aren’t expecting another addition to their brood.

Back in February 2021, though, Webb and Wolfenden did express their interest in having a fourth kid.

“I go through different stages every day. One minute, I think I would love another and then five minutes later I think definitely no more children. My friends have said to me, ‘You know when you’re done’. And I don’t feel like I’m done with having children,” Webb said.

“When I was carrying Ace, I knew I would want to do it again.”

charley webb and matthew wolfenden attend the british soap awards


Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe in Emmerdale, added: “I think we definitely will have another, but whether or not we’d have one after that, I don’t know. It’s all down to Charley.

“I’d love a girl. I always thought each one would be a girl. But if we had another one and it was a boy, it would be great. They’re all boisterous and it’s great fun.”

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