Emmerdale’s sleazy affair over at last as Chas dumps love rat Al?

Is it finally over between Chas and Al? (Picture: ITV)

There was a lot to unpack in tonight’s Emmerdale, as Al (Michael Wildman) bounced between women like a kangaroo on a pogo stick. Classic Al.

Having dumped Kerry (Laura Norton), he headed into the Woolpack where he was greeted by Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) with a less than welcome reception.

Commenting on Paddy’s ability to sweep Chas off her feet, Al came close to exposing their affair as the vet laid into him.

Although, a stern look from Chas was enough for him to keep his mouth shut. To be honest, we wouldn’t want to cross Chas either.

Things didn’t end there though, as the pair of secret lovers met on the bridge for a private word. Furious that Al had been unable to stick to his side of the deal, Chas made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t have feelings for him and that their arrangement is purely physical.

Deciding that he couldn’t be trusted to stick to that, she ended things, before heading home to Paddy to take him up on his earlier offer of some private time together.

Al wasn’t far behind, creeping back to Kerry with his tail between his legs and blaming his previous comments on his jetlag.

As Kerry led him into the bedroom, he met Chas’ eyes through the window across the street. The tension was shattered as she tugged the curtain across, blocking their view to each other.

Is Chas drawing a curtain on their relationship for good, or will desire get the better of them both?