Emmerdale’s Mary Goskirk to open up over her sexuality in new scenes

Kim encourages Mary to be honest with Rhona.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale newcomer Mary Goskirk confides in Kim Tate about her sexuality next week.

Show bosses are lining up a surprise friendship between Mary and Home Farm boss Kim, who isn’t usually on good terms with many of the villagers.

As Kim continues getting to know Mary next week, she quizzes her about her past.

Mary’s attitude suddenly becomes evasive when one particular question from Kim stirs some painful emotions.

Although Mary seems hesitant to give much away, she eventually relents and tells Kim that she’s a lesbian. She then relays an emotional story about a lost love.

Kim is supportive and encourages Mary to be just as honest with Rhona, who’s completely in the dark about this. Kim is confident that Rhona will react positively.

Later, Mary goes ahead and confides in Rhona, recalling how she fell in love with her neighbour Louise. Sadly, Louise later died.

Rhona is visibly shocked and starts to question whether her whole family was based on lies.

Mary is upset when Rhona isn’t as supportive as Kim was. It seems that the mother-daughter duo have some issues to work through.

With Rhona struggling to process everything, she messes up by announcing her mum’s sexuality to an entire room of people.

Mary is taken aback that Rhona would share this information without permission. Can they make amends?

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Monday, June 13 and Tuesday, June 14 at 7.30pm on ITV. The show also streams on the ITV Hub.