Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle collapses as her health deteriorates

Emmerdale fans are in for an emotional week as Faith Dingle’s health takes a turn for the worse.

Faith is reflecting on her life now that she has stopped chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer and faces her terminal diagnosis.

Her palliative care nurse tells her it’s important to focus on dying without regretting anything, and Pollard reassures Faith that having one final to-do list would be a good thing to do to help her feel more emotionally prepared for what’s to come.

Faith and Chas head out for a walk, but Faith struggles to continue and they end up having to enlist the help of a farmer. Chas is saddened to witness this painful reminder that her mum’s health has deteriorated and is shocked when she reveals that she wants to throw a party. Faith urges Chas not to make the same mistakes as she has with her own life and wants to throw this final celebration of her life – before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Cain is reluctant to attend the party as he’s scared it will all be too upsetting. He feels guilty and is unsure how to behave when Moira confirms that he’ll be in attendance.

The party begins at the Woolpack, but it starts with soem awkwardness as Faith opens with a speech. However, everyone soon relaxes as Faith belts out a song on karaoke and the party goes into full swing.

Suddenly though, things take a sad turn when Faith collapses at the bar. Everyone begins to panic as she’s rushed to hospital and Paddy and Chas await an update on what’s happened. Chas is devastated by her mum collapsing and begins to take out her frustrations over what’s happening on Paddy.

The nurses then lead Paddy and Chas into see Faith who is confused and in a distressed state as she claims she can’t see properly.

Will faith recover from this latest set back? Or is this the beginning of the end for this beloved character?

Emmerdale producers have previously teased that Faith’s storyline will reach an “emotional and heart-breaking” end that is going to be a “huge” part of the 50th anniversary episodes coming up in October.

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