Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh and EastEnders Toby-Alexander Smith share name of newborn daughter

Amy had quite a dramatic pregnancy and labour.

Emmerdale star Amy Walsh and EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith have revealed the name of their first baby together.

The pair welcomed their child over the Christmas period, and have decided to share the baby’s name with fans in an interview with OK! magazine.

Explaining the reasoning behind Bonnie May Smith, Toby-Alexander, who plays Gray Atkins on EastEnders, said: “We’d go on walks around the lake where Amy used to live in Leeds during lockdown and talk about names. Bonnie was one that came up really early, even before Amy was pregnant.”

“Whenever we hypothetically talked about our family, we always said ‘our little Bonnie,'” Amy added. “When she came, she couldn’t have been more of a Bonnie.”

Toby-Alexander added that his parents had a dog named Bonnie but that had nothing to do why they went for the name, also revealing that he does have a few Maes in the family but they are spelt differently.

“We wanted something with one syllable that went with her first name and surname, Smith,” Amy explained.

It was a dramatic pregnancy for Amy, although her sister, former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, made sure the couple still got to have some Christmas food at the hospital.

“She arrived on 27 December. Her due date was Christmas Eve. A few weeks prior to that, we had some drama as we got Covid. We had two weeks of worrying that I would go into labour while we had Covid, which would mean Toby wouldn’t have been able to be there,” Amy said.

“On Boxing Day, I woke up and thought my waters had broken. It was just like a trickle, so I couldn’t really tell. I had tested positive for Group B strep, which is an infection we carry as adults but with pregnancy it can affect the baby if you’ve got it at the time of labour, so after your waters break you have to go on antibiotics and I needed to be induced as the risk of infection was heightened.

“We did the pessary but changed to the drip pretty quickly to get things moving faster, because the time since my waters broke had been too long. It was an intense induction, the pain was strong but I wasn’t dilating.

“We had about 12 hours of that and I had to have an epidural as the pain was so strong. The epidural eventually kicked in a bit and then I was on gas and air, and I was laughing… We’ve got a video of me going, ‘Just make me a cocktail!’ I felt drunk – I loved it!”

Overall, Amy said she was in labour for 20 hours, with two epidurals, and when Bonnie was born, a song that was very special to the couple was playing. However, the couple didn’t reveal what the song was in their interview, as they want to save it for their wedding.

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