Emmerdale star teases “horrifying” confession in Meena trial episodes

Rebecca Sarker reveals that Meena has a “horrible” confession to make.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker has revealed that Meena Jutla will make a “horrifying” confession in next week’s trial episodes, which has the potential to leave Manpreet Sharma scarred “for the rest of her life”.

As Meena’s (Paige Sandhu) trial gets underway, Rebecca’s character Manpreet will bravely take the stand to testify against her sister – although events take an unpleasant turn for Manpreet when Meena’s defence team try to paint her as a serial liar.

Rebecca has now told INSERTION and other media that there is another bombshell ahead for Manpreet, which will have a major impact on her life going forward.

“Meena has one more horrible, horrifying confession to make,” she said. “One that, above all of her terrible crimes, might have the potential to plague Manpreet for the rest of her life. And I would say that it’s a crime very, very, very close to home…”

Further details of what Meena might be about to reveal are being kept secret for now, but it sounds as if Manpreet will be having to deal with even more trauma following the difficulties of the trial, which sees Manpreet break down as she is forced to relive her ordeal at Meena’s hands.

“Manpreet answers the prosecutor’s questions with confidence and a steely poise, at first,” she said. “Then when she’s asked to relive her ordeal, she breaks down. The trauma of it overtakes her and overwhelms her.

“She does gather herself and she manages to do what she set out to do, which is to expose Meena for what she really is to the jury. I think she’s quite pleased with herself for doing that, having broken down but then coming back with a vengeance.

“Then the defence, as expected, uses Manpreet’s past to put her suitability as a witness in doubt. She really struggles under the glare of the spotlight and she buckles, let’s just say, under the weight of expectation. It’s not a car crash but it doesn’t go as well as she would have hoped.”

Rebecca added that Manpreet was always well aware that Meena might bring up her past as a means to discredit Manpreet, saying that she knew “that Meena will throw anything at her to favour her case”.

“The two sisters know each other inside out, really, and they’ve been brought close together by their recent experiences together so she’s aware and she’s trying to prepare herself,” she said.

“But nothing can quite prepare her for what happens. To be so publicly exposed in court is a triggering experience for her.”

The actress added that Manpreet will find her experience on the witness stand “very triggering”, as she comes face to face with her manipulative sister once again and is forced to confront everything that she has done.

“She’s no stranger to Meena’s machinations, but it’s still extremely upsetting and emotional for her,” she said. “That is her little sister standing just a few feet away from her, so maybe not so much conflicting emotions, but just very, very triggering and overwhelming.”

With Meena’s defence team set to try to tear apart the testimony of both Manpreet and Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), and with Meena defying her own legal team to deliver her own dramatic testimony, will Manpreet see justice be done, or is there more trauma to come for her?

Emmerdale airs Meena’s trial scenes in the week commencing Monday, April 11 on ITV.