Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler explains shock new attack in Nicola story

“She’s basically having a complete crisis attack.”

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler has explained a shocking new attack in Nicola’s ongoing story.

Nicola is still in the grips of recovering from her recent attack and car crash, but she’s become terrified to leave the house out of an irrational fear her attackers may return.

In upcoming scenes, Nicola remains terrified for her own safety even inside her home. When the idea of going outside comes up, Nicola starts to panic.

Nicola tries to persevere but her trip outside the house sours when she starts to hear girls laughing in the distance. She worries the gang of girls who attacked her might return.

Nicola Wheeler has explained how the situation spirals out of control to the point that her character actually hits someone else in her panic.

“She’s basically having a complete crisis attack. It starts as a panic attack, because, again, she starts to flashback to what happened with the girls. Obviously, she doesn’t realise that it’s not the person she thinks it is,” Wheeler said.

“Carl, knowing something is wrong with her, has run out to call Laurel to help, because he thinks something’s wrong with mummy.

“And Nicola has to run out into the garden, and get him back into the house. Of course, she starts to hyperventilate. And she just spirals. It’s a day of pain. She just spirals. And then it all just gets too much.”

As for whether Nicola will soon get some help in her recovery, the actress said: “She’s got a lot of good friends around her, so I would imagine she will.”

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