Emmerdale star Mark Charnock admits nerves over Marlon’s stroke story

“I was worried about the online response, but it’s been remarkable actually.”

Emmerdale star Mark Charnock has expressed his nervousness over Marlon Dingle’s stroke storyline.

Talking to This Morning on Wednesday (June 8), Mark, who has been nominated for multiple British Soap Awards this year, admitted he was concerned over the response to the story.

“I was really nervous about the reaction because as we keep saying in all the interviews, no strokes are the same. So I was worried about the online response, but it’s been remarkable actually,” he said.

“Even if Marlon’s stroke wasn’t like the stroke they had witnessed or experienced themselves, they’ve empathised with it.”

He continued: “What has been the most amazing aspect of it, for me, it seems to have raised awareness to the point a sub community has gathered online, sharing their stories of stroke with each other. That’s heartening.”

When the storyline aired, fans rushed to comment, and many congratulated Mark for his performance and for being part of such a powerful plot.

One viewer wrote: “Marlon’s storyline has had me in floods of tears. Your acting has been superb! Raising awareness of strokes can only help both current and future stroke sufferers! Well done #Emmerdale, this storyline is one of the best you’ve had!”

Another said: “Mark, you should win every single TV, soap and acting award, for the heart-rending portrayal of Marlon following his stroke.

“By far the best and most inspired piece of acting I have ever seen on TV, I was moved to tears. Bloody well done!”

Marlon is still on his long road to recovery following the stroke, but he’s now home with his family as they try and manage things moving forward.

In March, Emmerdale writer Sharon Marshall spoke to This Morning about how this storyline will affect Charnock’s character, confirming it’ll be “a long-running story” and not “just a one episode, one moment” situation.

“We wanted to tell the story absolutely properly and I know Mark has done so much research on it.

“To raise awareness is really important – it’s happening to someone who’s of working age rather than an older character. It made me questions things – look at my lifestyle, look at what I’m doing, and the signs.”

She continued: “It’s not being sugar-coated. We’re wanting to show how it’s affecting everybody – family, children, friends.

“But I do want to say, it was really dark [on Monday], it was very powerful.”

Marshall ended by outlining the happy conclusion to this tragedy: “This is going to be a story about hope and love.

“There’s even moments of comedy in this as well. It’s a story about recovery and how you can get to that recovery, so there is love and hope in there as well.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.