Emmerdale star Louise Jameson discusses “awful” moment for Mary and Rhona

“It cuts her deep.”

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Louise Jameson has opened up about the “awful” moment between her character Mary and her daughter Rhona.

In the soap, Mary reveals to Kim Tate that she is actually a lesbian and details an emotional story about her lost love. A fact that her daughter, Rhona, has no clue about. Kim is very supportive of this revelation and encourages Mary to tell her daughter about her sexuality, assuring her that she would react positively.

But when Mary eventually comes clean to Rhona, she doesn’t receive the reaction she hoped for – Rhona is shocked and wonders if her entire family is based on lies. To make things worse, Rhona then declares her mom’s sexuality to other villagers without Mary’s permission.

Now, Jameson has opened up to Inside Soap about that moment of betrayal and what it means for their relationship going forward.

“It’s awful for Mary,” she said. “It cuts her deep. She’s hurt and worried. It leaves Mary feeling lost.

“Rhona’s reaction is a knee jerk one to feeling as if she has been deceived all her life. But it doesn’t take long for her to come round and decide that she really should support her mum, rather than criticise her.”

Jameson also expressed the importance of this storyline, especially when Mary comes from a society where “even gay people are taught to be homophobic”.

“I wanted Mary to be fiesty, different, funny and complicated. So I was thrilled to be offered such a dynamic, interesting and poignant storyline,” she said.

“Mary was brought up in a society that teaches even gay people to be homophobic. The prejudice was – and still can be – insidious, and it takes enormous courage to come out… The scenes are really beautifully written.”

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