Emmerdale star Emma Atkins discusses possible jail outcome for Noah

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins has addressed the possibility of Noah Dingle heading behind bars.

The storyline on the Yorkshire Dales soap has involved Jack Downham’s teenager stalking his ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris, played by Jessie Elland.

Such was his disturbing behaviour that mum Charity reported him to the police, leading to a court trial.

Ahead of next week’s sentencing scenes for Noah, Atkins said of her character’s current feelings: “There’s no way that Charity is going to miss the hearing, so she turns up and she’s terrified over what’s going to happen.

“If the outcome is jail, I think it would cause a permanent break in their relationship. It’d be hard to mend what has been broken.

“I think there’s definitely elements of Noah understanding how wrong he’s been,” she elaborated. “You do see the vulnerability of this young boy, but he’s got to take responsibility for his actions because what he did was absolutely the wrong thing to do.

“I think it’s really interesting for the audience to see their relationship and how it’s fractured. Hopefully there’ll be a good ending.”

In terms of Downham’s acting, the soap star also shared: “I’m so utterly proud of that boy. He has absolutely nailed it. I feel emotional watching him and very proud and excited for him.

“He’s needed a challenge like this and he’s really pulled it off. So many people have been coming up saying how wonderful he’s been. I think he should be very proud of himself.”

Emmerdale airs at the earlier time of 7pm this week on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.