Emmerdale spoilers: Will Vinny Dingle and Liv tie the knot?

The big day has arrived for Vinny Dingle… will he marry Liv Flaherty?

Airs Thursday 24th February 2022 at 7.00pm on ITV.

Will Vinny Dingle and Liv Flaherty go through with their secret wedding in the first of Thursday’s episodes of Emmerdale (ITV, 7.00pm. See our TV Guide for full listings)?

As the Dingles wake up to find that Vinny and Liv are missing, they have no idea that the the star-crossed pair have done a moonlight flit from the village so they can get married…

Vinny and Liv have travelled to Daventry, where a friend of a friend has agreed to marry the couple at the drop of a hat.

On Monday, the pair decided to elope, but they soon felt guilty about not telling their nearest and dearest that they were getting married so they decided to call off their secret wedding.

But when their news caused a row between Mandy and Chas, the young couple decided they could do without the stress of having their family involved so they sneaked off to tie the knot away from the village…

Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle have sloped off to get married

However, at the registry office, Vinny’s torn when he sees the many messages left on his phone by Mandy…

Will the couple go through with their nuptials?

Vinny’s mum Mandy has been trying to get in touch with him

Meanwhile, Noah’s feeling bruised after finding out that Chloe spent the night with Jacob, so when Amelia spots that he’s down in the dumps, she takes a chance by offering to go for a walk with him…

Amelia Spencer offers to go for a walk with an upset Noah Dingle

Also tonight, Rhona still hasn’t confessed to Marlon about how Pierce got in touch with her before he died and that tracked down his long-lost son Marcus. So will she summon the courage to reveal all to her other half before Marcus arrives in the village and does it for her?

Marcus arrives to see Rhona