Emmerdale spoilers: Will lies to Kim as the search for Jamie continues

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is continuing to act shifty around Kim Tate (Clare King) in Emmerdale as dodgy Mike searches for evidence Jamie Tate is still alive.

Will hired Mike after Kim expressed her thoughts on the terror Jamie caused her when he was in her life.

On the one hand, Will wants to believe Jamie is dead for Kim’s sake but also, after being shot by Gabby (Rosie Bentham), he’s searching for the missing Tate as the single mum is terrified he will return and take baby Thomas.

With Kim unaware of what her fiancé is up to, she happily planned dinner with Will tonight.

When Mike appeared, he informed Will that someone matching Jamie’s description had been spotted multiple times but needs to perform a DNA test to officially confirm whether it’s him.

Unable to source a DNA sample from Kim, Will turned his attention to baby Thomas.

When Will offered to look after baby Thomas, Gabby headed upstairs for a bath, unaware he had unpacked a DNA kit.

After missing dinner with Kim, Will called Mike and told him sourcing Thomas’ DNA had been completed.

Will gave Mike 24-hours to provide substantial evidence that proves Jamie is either alive or dead – but will he deliver?

Will Gabby finally get her answer in tomorrow’s episode?