Emmerdale spoilers: WHY is Leyla Cavanagh helping OUTCAST Jai?

Leyla tells Jai she believes the drugs found at Take A Vow weren't his.

Airs Monday 2 May 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Leyla Cavanagh is Jai’s only ally in Monday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

In the Woolie, Jai Sharma cuts a lonely figure.

Having been accused of being back on drugs, the reformed addict has lost everything he held dear. Laurel no longer wants to reunite and his family just aren’t convinced he’s telling the truth about his sobriety.

Feeling sorry for him, Leyla sidles up to him in the pub, joining him for a drink. She seems to be the only person who believes he’s not using. It’s a strong show of support for the Sharma who’s become the village pariah.

But why’s Leyla being so chummy and quick to believe him when no one else does? Is she on the level?

Leyla’s Jai’s only friend right now. She’s determined to help him out of his dark hole. But why?

At Smithy, things are tense. Rhona’s braving her first proper day back at the vet’s and she’s really worried about how Marlon will cope at home.

The day doesn’t go well, Rhona just can’t concentrate while Marlon’s knackered from trying to hide a cough he knows will worry his fiancée.

Rhona and Marlon have terrible days. But will they share their problems with each other?

Will the couple be honest with each other about their problems?

Tracking Chloe’s every move, Noah’s baffled when she walks into the salon when his app has her located elsewhere. It turns out she’s lost her phone. Noah offers to find it and hey presto! quickly comes up with the goods.

Chalking up the brownie points with Chloe – who has no idea her obsessed ex is stalking her – Noah offers her some tickets for an escape room and is chuffed when she accepts.

Chloe’s unaware Noah’s tracking her phone and is chuffed when he just ‘happens’ to find her lost mobile.

Elsewhere, Cain’s cross when Faith’s unable to babysit for him, and Ethan calls a work friend to discuss the stress he’s under.

Lawyer Ethan reaches out to a work mate to offload.