Emmerdale Spoilers Videos 16 March 2022

Dawn Fletcher is handcuffed by a police officer!

Airs Wednesday 16th March at 7.30pm on ITV.

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Emmerdale’s Dawn Fletcher is dragged into danger by her ex in Wednesday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

At Woodbine, Harriet and Billy are celebrating the news that Dawn’s ex Alex has agreed that her new husband Billy can adopt Lucas.

But Dawn’s having to paint on her smile. Though she’s absolutely thrilled that her new husband Billy is going to be Lucas’ father figure, what Harriet and Billy don’t know is that dodgy Alex’s agreement to the adoption has come at a cost: Dawn must clear his debts in exchange.

Under immense pressure to meet Alex’s demands, Dawn resorts to theft. Up at Home Farm, where her dad lives with his rich fiancee Kim Tate, Dawn is trying to lay her hands on some ready cash… But Kim catches her at it! How will Kim react?

Later, Dawn’s nightmare continues as she’s forced to head out with Alex to meet his drug dealer. After sneakily making a call, Dawn sets off with Alex and quickly realises the situation is far more dangerous than she realised it would be…

However, the sketchy meeting comes to an end the police pull up!

Does a prison sentence loom?

Manpreet is on edge over Meena’s plea hearing. And when she learns that neither Charles nor Liam are allowed to mention her sister’s murder confession, she stresses even more, feeling as if the responsibility of getting Meena sent down rests on her shoulders alone.

Teenager Amelia opens up to her family about what Noah’s done. But she wishes she’d never said a word when angry Kerry then steams in on her behalf.

Emmerdale Spoilers Videos 16 March 2022