Emmerdale spoilers: vicar Charles Anderson helps shell-shocked villagers…

'Emmerdale' vicar Charles Anderson needs to bolster the shaken villagers in the wake of Meena Jutla's attack

Airs Friday 18th February 2022 at 7.00pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Charles Anderson has a huge mountain to climb in Friday’s episode.

A new day has finally dawned in Emmerdale bringing a close to the horror of Valentine’s Day which saw serial killer Meena Jutla unleash a revenge attack on newlyweds, Dawn and Billy, with life-threatening repercussions.

The pair found themselves being held at gunpoint on their wedding day, sending the village into a spin.

Billy and Dawn’s wedding day went from heaven …

… to hell.

Gun-toting serial killer Meena set out to make them pay.

But as the villagers take stock of what Meena Jutla did and those affected reflect, recoup and reel over the horror of the lives she’s taken and the pain the evil nurse inflicted, they need a guiding hand.

The job falls to village vicar Charles Anderson who’s on a mission to remind everyone to try to stay positive even in their darkest hours.

Will his message be well-received by everyone… or is it a bit too soon after what Meena has put everyone through?