Emmerdale spoilers: Mum guilt for Laurel Thomas after lying to Arthur

Laurel Thomas lies to Arthur about her split with Jai.

Airs Wednesday 23 March 2022 at 7.30pm on ITV.

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas tries to do the right thing – but has the mum made the wrong choice? (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Laurel Thomas serves herself a classic case of mum guilt after a conversation with her son, Arthur.

When he asks to know why she and former live-in boyfriend Jai Sharma have split up, Laurel makes the split decision to lie.

She does it with the best of intentions, mind you. She doesn’t want her son to hate Jai and if he knew he’d defrauded Laurel, taking out a whopping loan in her name, then Jai’s name would be mud.

Laurel feels terrible about it and hopes that Arthur, who really looks up to Jai, never cottons on to the truth.

Laurel has dumped Jai because he defrauded her, secretly taking out a huge loan in her name to pay off a debt.

In hospital, the wait continues for Rhona who’s at Marlon’s bedside waiting for him to come round from his surgery following his stroke.

It’s a huge moment: will Marlon’s stroke have severely impaired his speech and mobility or will the doctors have got to him in good time?

Rhona is waiting for Marlon, who’s had a stroke, to come round following his surgery.

Marlon had a stroke on his birthday.

As Charity worries about Marlon, Vanessa tries her best to reassure her he’ll be OK, using her own recovery from cancer to back up her words.

Vanessa tries to reassure Charity that Marlon will be OK.